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ag亚游集团官网坐落在中国首批历史文化名城长沙,校区位于湘江之滨、5A级岳麓山风景区内。学校办学起源于宋太祖开宝九年(公元976年) 创建的岳麓书院,享有“千年学府,百年名校”之誉。










12月27日—28日 学术报告与交流等;





于 峰 丰 光


电话:0731-88823102 0731-88821031


2019Hunan UniversityYuelu Forum

of International Young Scholars

Changsha, China

December 26-28, 2019

Organized by: Hunan University

I. A Brief Introduction to the Forum

Hunan University, a historically and culturally renowned university with a world reputation, is based at Changsha, a city on the list of the first batch of Historical and Cultural City in China. The campus is located in the National 5A Yuelu Mountain Scenic Spot and at the bank of Xiangjiang River. The University was founded in the Ninth Year of Kaibao Period of the Northern Song Dynasty (976 A.D.), recognized as an “Ancient Millenarian Academy, Famous centennial University”.

The Yuelu Forum of International Young Scholars, conducted byHunanUniversity, aims at gathering outstanding young scholars from home and abroad with various academic backgrounds for exchanges and explorations of the latest international science and technology and their future development in such a renowned city. This forum is meant to promote, through academic discussions, exchanges and cooperation between young scholars from all over the world and to enhance their joint effort of exploring the science and technology frontier area, and to achieve more advanced academic achievements.

II. Qualifications of Application and Fields Covered

Qualifications of application:Outstanding young scholars from home and abroad under the age of 40 and with certain achievements in the fields of natural sciences and engineering technology, economic management, and humanities and social sciences, and with considerable potentials for future development.

Fields covered:

?Medical and life science

Preclinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Biomedical Engineering

III. Procedures of Application

Young scholars who intend to participate in the Yuelu Forum shall send their detailed CVs to (please specify research field as part of the CV document name). Followup contacts will be made once the emails are received. Please note that the application deadline is December 15th, 2019.

IV. Schedule of the Forum

December 26: Registration

December 27-28: Academic seminars and discussion session

V. Service Provision

Hunan University will reimburse each invited scholar his/her actual travel expenses of round-trip travel, local transportation, accommodations and catering upon handing in receipts and invoices (For international traveller, the reimbursement limit is RMB¥12000), and the reimbursement will be settled as required by the scholar. The University will provide accommodations and catering during the Forum.

The university is glad to provide assistance and service to all invited scholars throughout the Forum for their on-the-spot appreciation of the charm of the thousand year long Yuelu Academy and livable city of Changsha.

VI. Contacts

Yu FengandFeng Guang,

Hunan University,The College of Biology

Tel: 0086 731 88823102    0086 731 88821031

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