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From mutants to molecules, a trip through plant development and hormone signaling


2019年10月23日  ag网站亚游登录点击:[]

报告人:Kim Snowden 主持人:Ruifeng Yao

报告时间:14:30,Friday,October 25,2019

报告地点:A404 meeting room, College of Biology


Dr Kim Snowden is a plant developmental biologist and the Principal Scientist based at the New Zealand Institute of Plant & Food Research. She has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Kim has spent time as a postdoc in the USA in the laboratory of Professor Carolyn Napoli at UC Davis and also the University of Arizona, before returning to New Zealand where she leads a group who studies the control of branching in plants. This work ranges from studying model plants such as petunia and Arabidopsis to seeking understanding of branching in horticultural crop species such as apple and kiwifruit. This interest in branching has led to research into the workings of the strigolactone (SL) hormone pathway with a recent focus on SL hormone perception.

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