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Zhou S, Min Z, SunK,QuS,ZhouJ,Duan H, Liu H, Liu X, Gong Z, Li D. miR-199a-3p/Sp1/LDHA axis controls aerobic glycolysis in testicular tumor cells. Int J Mol Med (2018)


Xue B, Li H, Guo M, Wang J, Xu Y, Zou X, Deng R, Li G, Zhu H.TRIM21 promotes innate immune response to RNA viral infection through lys27-linked polyubiquitination of MAVS. Journal of Virology (2018)


Ma W, Yan L, He X, Qing T, Lei Y, He D, Huang K, Wang K. Hairpin-Contained i-Motif Based Fluorescent Ratiometric Probe for High-Resolution and Sensitive Response of Small pH Variations. Anal Chem (2018)


Liu J, Cheng H, He D,He X, Wang K, Liu Q, Zhao S, Yang X. Label-Free Homogeneous Electrochemical Sensing Platform for Protein Kinase Assay Based on Carboxypeptidase Y-Assisted Peptide Cleavage and Vertically Ordered Mesoporous Silica Films. Anal Chem (2017)


Yang X, li L, He D, Luo H, Tang J, Li H, He X, Wang K. A metal–organic framework based nanocomposite with co-encapsulation of Pd@Au nanoparticles and doxorubicin for pH-and NIR-triggered synergistic chemo-photothermal treatment of cancer cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2017)


Zou Z, Li S, He D, He X, Wang K, Li L, Yang X, Li H. A versatile stimulus-responsive metal–organic framework for size/morphology tunable hollow mesoporous silica and pH-triggered drug delivery. Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2017)

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